The Almighty Johnsons + popular test posts (1/??)

(inspired by literally everyone)

  • Me: It's pretty much the reason I don't think Richard killed the princes. I think if he did, he'd have displayed them, and been all "COME AT ME BRO."
  • Ele: Were they his brother's children?
  • Me: Yep.
  • Ele: Then it would have been literally "come at me bro."
Ahahaha. Autocorrect is the greatest - I once managed to turn something like “I don’t know” into “brontosaurus”, which is still my favourite thing ever.

My phone once turned “friendly cockblock” into “Fenris cockblock”…

I smile at your “click click motorcycle bridge” tag every time. Is it a reference from something?

The original tag was “Click click motherfucker,” which came from this conversation. I tried to type it on my kindle, which uses Swype, and I clicked too quickly, and it became “click click motorcycle bridge.” Which… we found funny? It stuck!


“Cole will always wear *that hat*. No matter what head gear you give him.”


“Cole will always wear *that hat*. No matter what head gear you give him.”


Wow, OK, I had kind of conceptualized that Joss Whedon post along the lines of “here are some random thoughts that I’m gonna store behind a cut in case a few people are interested,” not expecting so many people to reblog it. But since there was so much interest, I ended up thinking about it more. And the direction my thinking took me in was this: what is it that women find attractive in male and female characters, and to what extent does this match up with what men assume that women find attractive in these characters?

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Today in Jezz and erry-c attempt adulthood


Cole, running.

What are you doing here?

I don’t knooooooooooooooow why I want to work here I JUST KNOW I CAN DO IT AND ALSO I HAVE RENT TO PAY.